America’ Presence Worldwide/Role in International Relations

Critically analyze the role of America worldwide with the focus on reasons supporting their presence vs. against their presence. Discuss the moral, legal, and actual affects of their presence. By presence I mean the actual military presence as well as their political and economic influence. Examples could be; Why do they think they have a right to interfere, what affects does their presence have on the nation itself as well as how their presence affects other nations’ opinions of them, what would change if they were not present, how will their continued presence affect the future of the nation (both America and the nations they are involved with). Although I realize that there will be a certain extent of the ‘pro/con’ element, it is not a ‘pro/con’ paper and those instances should not appear so blatantly as “this is why it is good vs. this is why it is bad”. I have attached the exact rubric to follow. **I currently have an author working on another order for this paper. Unfortunately, they have failed to produce something resembling what I require and I have been forced to request an additional order as the deadline is rapidly approaching**


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