LNGS7274 Assessment 2014

Electronic submission to: james.martin@sydney.edu.au

Semester assignment, due Oct 7 by 5pm sharp; 50%
Final assignment, due Nov 17 by 5pm sharp; 50%

Submit your assignment files electronically to my e-mail EXACTLY as follows:

Assignment # your family name your student number
Assignment 1 Hu 12345678

WRITE YOUR NAME and student number on the top of your assignment.

SUBMIT your assignment as a word file, not as a pdf.

You may choose assessment style A or B.
[The choice has been made, it’s A]

A. Select a news story and accompanying photo (if your story has more than one interacting image, analyse the most salient one). Select a comment piece related to this news story and an accompanying (or closely related) political cartoon.

[The ” Semester assignment” has been done, and I failed as I didn’t follow the structure of the sample, so it’s extremely important to get it done the same level of the sample]
Semester assignment: Analyse the genre of the news story, focusing on staging; describe the function of each stage. Include a text time/real time diagram of the events in the story (as modelled in your textbook and lecture slides). Comment on how and why text time departs from real time.

Analyse the image accompanying the news story, focusing on orientation, presentation, representation and ambience. Carefully describe the relation of the image to the story.

[This is the part need to be written]
Final assignment: Analyse the genre of the comment piece, focusing on staging; describe the function of each stage with specific reference to attribution, attitude and amplification, agency, nominalisation, and information flow. Analyse the political cartoon accompanying the news story, focusing on orientation, presentation, representation (caricature and symbolic attributes in particular) and ambience. Describe the relationship between the comment piece and the cartoon (extend your interpretation of this relation to the text and image described in the semester assignment as necessary). Comment on how the comment piece attempts to position readers in relation to issue/s arising from the news story and how and why it uses different linguistic and imagic resources to do so.

B. As far as genre, image and language analysis is concerned, closely follow the instructions above. You may however propose to study 2 media texts of other kinds (they must each however involve an image of some kind and consist of several paragraphs of verbal text – 200-400 words per text; and they must be related to one another). Get these texts approved by me before proceeding.

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