pages double-spaced using 6th edition APA format and 5 scholarly peer journal articles References no plagiarism needs to be different I will turn in to
Requirements and Outline
1. Use the headings as below for the paper. You may use I or the first person since this is your personal framework. Please do not use you or the second person.
2. Introduction: In two to three paragraphs (maximum one page) summarize the primary focus of your personal practice framework. Include references to all theorists you have incorporated into your framework. This section of the paper should stand alone i.e. provide a synopsis/abstract of your framework and should allow the reader to develop an understanding of the theoretical boundaries of your practice and your clinical focus.
3. Changes to framework: How has your framework changed during your primary care clinical practice? Include how your conceptualization of the four concepts of the nursing paradigm (environment nursing health and client/recipient of care) have changed over the course of your Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) educational experiences.
4. Other Concepts and Application: Discuss how other concepts/constructs that are integral to understanding your personal practice framework i.e. spirituality balance wellness self-care autonomy etc. have developed due to your clinical experiences. Give an example of the application of your theoretical framework and concepts in a short case study. NOTE: Patient autonomy self-care and spirituality are the 3 nursing concepts/constructs that are integral to my personal practice framework. Use them focus as my personal practice framework focus.
5. Family Theory: Discuss how your conceptualization of family has developed/changed from its original form and how family theory influences your practice as an FNP. What clinical assessment skills have you consistently used in your FNP practice to ensure an integrated family approach? Give a clinical example.
6. Role in Ideal Practice: Discuss your understanding of the nurse practitioner role within your desired practice setting. Describe that setting.
7. Analysis: Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your framework as it relates to clinical applicability throughout the lifespan.
8. Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) role in Clinical Knowledge: Describe how you envision your FNP role could contribute to the clinical body of knowledge and evidence-based practice.
9. Summary: Provide a brief summarization of the paper.

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