Can strong governmental interventions help repair the healthcare system?

Economics of Health

Sample Paper Topics

Please use economic concepts and analysis in approaching and analyzing your subject. State

your thesis and detail the reasoning that leads to your conclusions.

5 page (double spaced) papers. That is not a lot of

space. So, be as succinct and analytic as possible. In health care and in most business and public

settings few executives will take the time to read much more than a page or two. So, the

problem or issue has to be stated; the approach and analysis explained; the solution and/or

Discuss the contribution of medical care to the health status of the general population

in relation to the utilization of scarce health resources.

Under a fee-for-service system reimbursement system, under conditions of indemnity

insurance: How will “moral hazard” affect price of care and the distribution of services?

Discuss the concept of “derived demand” as it applies to a perceived shortage of

professional health care personnel.

Explain and analyze the economic effects of the “technological imperative” in the

generation and delivery of health services.

Analyze the economic reasons for and effects of inflation in health care costs and prices.

Under what circumstances can need and demand coincide? Suggest a health services

system that may be capable of satisfying both the perceived or stated need and the

demand for a well-defined population (age, ethnicity, geographic, gender, etc.)

In the purchase of medical care how do we receive adequate benefit for the costs we

How does the “Burden of Disease” for specific conditions and populations affect the

utilization and cost of health care?

Again, these are just samples to show the very broad range of interesting and significant

questions and interesting areas that are available!


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