Corporate Social Responsibility

Thesis: with NV GEBE being the sole Utility Company on the Southern Side of the island of St. Maarten there is some responsibility that the company has to the population. But how much? And what are those responsibilities?
Introduction: This paper will seek to introduce the responsibilities that NV GEBE has to the island of St. Maarten being the only Utility Company. NV GEBE has existed for over 50 years and many feel that the company has a corporate responsibility to the people.
I. Studies have proven that the more a company gives the more loyal and secure the customer/clients/populations feel.
A. NV GEBE has existed for over 50 years and many feel that the company has a corporate responsibility to the people.
B. Although NV GEBE gives donations on a yearly basis, a good enough track is not kept on what is given out and to whom
C. On a survey done on company donation the results showed that NV GEBE gives less than other corporate companies on the island.

II. Our culture
A. Brand Initiative—NV GEBE believes that branding will always convey quality and value to its customers. The company is always striving for a positive outlook no matter what they do, as long as the company name is remains positive employees and customers will identify a sense of team.
B. Healthy Living—NV GEBE provides ways for employees to stay fit
C. Safety—management have worked hard to ensure that the safety of our clients and employees are number one.

III. The Environment
A. Waste Management
B. Renewable Energy—Although NV GENE is young at Renewable Energy they are staying abreast with the latest developments.
C. LED Lighting

IV. The Community
A. Community Engagement—NV GEBE has a unique community engagement streamlined projects.
B. Scholarships—A scholarship program has been recently introduced to the public.
C. Safety Education—Informing and educating the population is also a top priority

V. Our Future
A. Future Employees—Finding the best and brightest employees is important. Ways to excel on self-development and customer service is a major concern.

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