Andrew Arellano
English 100
Professor T. Dean
8 October 2014
Paragraph 1-Introduction
Definition of the death penalty
Death penalty is also known as capital punishment and can be prescribed by a state legislature. Capital punishment is a prescription to criminals found guilty of murder or other capital crimes.
Current legal legislation state
Despite arguments that the death punishment is a cruel and unusual punishment, the eight amendment of the United States constitution shapes its procedural aspects and stipulates the specific situations when a jury may use or order for the execution of capital punishment. The amendment also provides for how it must be carried out.
What is being done
It is necessary that courts look into the evolving standards of decency to determine whether any punishment issued especially for capital punishment is cruel or unusual. In this essay, we shall discuss capital punishment in the light of debate for and against its use in the United States.
Detailed discussion from case studies and history
Paragraph 2- History of capital punishment
Ø Capital punishment has been used for years on criminals as well as political and religious dissidents. In most societies, capital punishment was carried out by beheading. In some of the societies, it involved torture and often, when it was time to carry out the execution, it was done in public.
Ø Come up with names and history of societies who were known to use capital punishment
Paragraph 3- Capital punishment witnessed today
What capital punishment looks like today – methods, states in which it’s used, frequency of, how many are on death row, how many of death row inmates are actually executed, etc.

Ø There has been intensive lobbying for countries to abolish capital punishment and adopt a more decent way of administering punishments.
Ø What other efforts have been put in place against capital punishment?
Arguments for or against capital punishment
Paragraph 4- Arguments for
Ø Include the law that supports capital punishment
Ø Bodies and organizations in favour of capital punishment
Ø Lobbyists in favour of capital punishment
Paragraph 5- Arguments against
Ø The American civil liberties union is one of the organizations behind the push towards the abolishment of capital punishment. It argues that capital punishment is discriminatory and arbitrary, and inherently violates the constitutional ban against cruel and unusual punishment. The organization uses direct advocacy, direct representation, as well as strategic litigation alongside other programmes such as public education and training programmes in the fight against capital punishment.
Ø Other organizations against the capital punishment
Ø Recommendation 1
Ø Recommendation 2

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Hi A.J.
Ok… getting there…
In your outline, I’ve added in red a suggestion to describe the current state of capital punishment. The how, where, when, to what extent questions need to be answered. Remember: Write this for a person who doesn’t know how capital punishment is functioning in today’s Amercia.
I also highlighted in yellow “It is necessary…” because it made me think you were going down the persuasive path. You can describe how states are grappling with questions of dignity and morality; don’t argue that they should, though.
Your sources are fine. Of course, the ACLO is biased, but if you’re using their sources to help you describe their position, then that’s fine.
That leaves your thesis and POD: Where are they?? Here, I don’t see an umbrella thesis and POD that covers your main subpoints. Work backwards now that you have an outline. See if you can list your subpoints in a sentence to arrive at a thesis.
Ex: Capital punishment has a long history and has taken different forms in different countries, and in the U.S. today it…
Looking forward to seeing the draft soon.


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