Examine different theories or views on stress(BEEBE,POTTER & PERRY).Define your personal definition of stress related to those theorie(3 theories).Reflection of a personal stressful situation(e.g.I am working noghts in the nursing homes as a Special Care Aide+taking full-time classes in the Nursing program+single mom).Ideas clearly presented.Findings,perseptions and observations included in the discussion.Discussion of the physical,situational,maturational,sociocultural and spiritual factors of stress that may affected you and others during the stressful time or situation in your life.Provide examples of each and how it affected you and others.
Discussion of the ego defence mechanisms you used when you were stressed.
PART B:In your nursing proffession you will be dealing with many clients in the hospital and community who will be experiencing stress in their life(e.g. surgery,terminal ilness,end of life,and family issues).As a student practical nurse,you may also be feeling stressed.Discuss possible stressors that you,as a student practical nurse,you may also be feeling stressed.
1.Discuss possible sressors that you,as a student practical nurse,may encounter in the nursing profession.Identify three stressors and support each of them with research.
2.Describe stress management techniques that you could use to reduce or alleviate the stressors you identified in the nursing profession.Identify and discuss and discuss the 3 techniques.For each of technique provide a supporting example from research.

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