The Objective of this research paper is to discuss the impact of IT and Technology on achieving Business Objectives.

Following questions needs to be answered:


  • What is Governance?
  • What impact does IT sourcing have on governance?
  • What external factors help and/or hinder governance?
  • What and why metrics are critical to measure Governance?
  • How can external factors help and/or hinder governance?
  • What are the misconceptions of “Governance”?



Paper Submission Requirements

  • Score: 350 Points
  • Pages: 7 – 9 pages (Not to exceed 9 pages, does not include cover and table of contents). 1.5 of total pages should represent your view point on the topic. A minimum of 1.5 page will be required towards the conclusion.
  • All material should be referenced with at least 5 professional references. Professional references refer to published materials (hard cover books or journals). While you may use the various case studies in the text book to support your views, it still only represents 1 reference. Websites are not considered professional references. While websites can be used, it will not count towards your reference requirement.
  • All of the questions above must be answered and will serve as your analysis. You can answer additional questions that you may pose as part of your analysis. Your viewpoints, conclusion must be consistent and properly supported by your analysis.



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