Research a literary, cultural, biographical, or historical subject from Lessons 5-8 (Hamlet ; Moliere, Misanthrope; Aphra Behn, The Rover ; Gilbert & Sullivan, Mikado;Ibsen, A Doll’s House; Shaw, Mrs. Warren’s Profession;Synge, Playboy of the Western World;Soyinka, The Strong Breed)(with one author, or one collection of works, or even one literary genre or cultural period–as long as you can FOCUS on one play! Research your subject on the Web.
Pick a topic to help you understand this part of our survey of drama. Good subjects include especially Sophoclean tragedy, or Aristotle on tragedy, Greek or Roman comedy, Medieval mystery plays, the Elizabethan revival of classical / development of Medieval drama / invention of modern drama, or of course Shakespearean comedy, tragedy or tragi-comic romance. Realism, Modernism, or Ibsen.
Pick one play for your focus within any broader subject

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