Write a 5 page double space APA format on recycling and energy conservation program at the school called “The school of knowledge”.

Report must include:
• executive summary
• introduction
• problems and purpose of the study
• methods and procedures
• preview
• findings with appropriate divisions
• summary
• conclusions and recommendations
Who: The School of Knowledge
What: Recycling and Energy Conservation Program
When: To begin implementation January 1st, 2015
Where: Throughout the school campus
Why: To date the school has had no program for recycling or for educating students on the importance of recycling. The school has been criticized many times in the past for its lack of effort toward environmental responsibility. Also the school board has agreed that there is an urgent need to cut energy costs to avoid having to cut other student programs in order to stay within budget.
How: Students will be taught about recycling and energy saving, and how important it is to resource conservation and for environmental preservation through classes, large posters, and hands on experience in the schools recycling/energy conservation program.
Purpose of this Report: To identify waste items that can be recycled rather than normally disposed of and propose a recycling program to be implemented campus-wide. To identify food items that can be reused as animal feed or other uses rather than being disposed of normally, and propose a reuse program to be implemented in the cafeteria. To identify major areas where energy savings can be achieved and propose an energy conservation plan to be implemented campus-wide.


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