The RN is developing a plan of care for a 35-year-old female, newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Assessment findings include: the patient is teary and states, “I haven’t been sleeping since the diagnosis.” The patient doesn’tmake eye contact, has difficulty sitting still and her voice is trembling. Her mucous membranes are dry and she says she has not had an appetite. She says, “I don’t know if I am going to need surgery to remove my breasts. I don’t know how it will make me feel or look”.

Develop a 3-part actual nursing diagnostic statement, related to therapeutic communication, stress and adaptation OR patient teaching. Use the patient data in the scenario, including the problem, etiology and symptoms.
Develop a patient specific, measurable outcome with a time-frame, appropriate for your chosen diagnosis and this patient.
Explain why this diagnosis is a priority for this patient.
Nurses cannot use medical diagnosis such as breast cancer in a nursing diagnosis as nurses are not doctors and cannot medical diagnose. Other answer for this are incorrect. The diagnosis of breast cancer cannot be used in the nursing diagnosis.

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