Film Authorship of Paul Greengrass

How does “film authorship” determine the critical reception and/or interpretation of Hollywood films today? This essay will analyze the film authorship of director Paul Greengrass in this context.

It has to include 5 academic sources to back up the thesis.

The essay must be 2500 words in length. Papers that exceed this limit by more than 300 words (approximately one page), or fail to meet the required length by this same amount will be penalized.

• The essay will be graded according to the following criteria:
! clarity and cogency of expression and argument
! the paper’s clear structure in terms of introduction, supporting arguments and
! the pertinent use of evidence to support arguments
! correct use of grammar and scholarly conventions
! demonstration of a clear understanding of the course’s key concepts and methods
! originality and insight of the essay’s arguments
! evidence of initiative, effort and resourcefulness in research

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