Epidemiology in the News: Randomized Trials To prepare for this Discussion, find an article on a randomized trial in the news and write a 250- to 350-word summary about it. The article should not be from a professional source. Instead, it needs to be from a widely distributed news source, accessible to and written for a lay audience. Possible sources include, but are not limited to, online magazines, online newspapers, and health news websites. By Day 4, post a comprensive response to the following: For this summary, describe the purpose of the research, identify the study population, when and for how long the trial was conducted, data collection methods, outcome measures, results and conclusions. How did the study benefit from its randomized design? What was learned by randomization that would not otherwise have been demonstrated? Make sure to include a link to the article in your posting. You may not select an article already posted by another student. For this week’s application, you are asked to prepare a submission describing an experimental study. The study should be conceived by you, i.e., it is not appropriate to simply summarize an existing RCT. For the question to the class this week, please provide a brief summary of your trial. That is, what is the intervention and comparison? Who are you studying, for who long, etc.? Also, be sure to discuss randomization, blinding, and ITT. Your description of your trial is due by day 4 the latest. Earlier is strongly recommended – this does not need to be anything too detailed. Your classmates will then provide feedback to you; i.e., suggestions for enhancing your study/paper (by day 6, the latest). To receive full credit for the response portion of the grade, you must provide at least 2 posts – the post describing your study and at least one response to a classmates’ post regarding her/his study. Please read everything on this assignment and include references.

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