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Don’t use any outside reference for the works cited page, except the information (” Third 304-20143 Teamwork. ppt”; “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” and the section that Highlight as “Discussion HW 1” for you in the “Leading Teams Module Summary”) that I attached as files for you and the requirement that I am going to describe to you in the following:

• Write a two-page memo based on the following prompt. Use the Memo Template on MS Word. The content is more important than the format. Class and small group discussion will be based on this memo.

About the Memo Template on MS Word: Open a word doc. Select File, and then “New”, look for “Memo”, Select “Memo (elegant)”

As you are aware, you and your classmates are working in teams for your case analysis memos #3-6 and the case analysis project in this course. Drawing on what you have learned about teams and motivation, discuss specific steps your team should take to be a high-performing team that is efficient, effective and even enjoyable.

This single space two pages essay should be based on a group activity called “Scavenger Hunt”, which I will describe to you in the following. And our team discussion/meeting on last Sunday to discuss “Memo #3:Teamwork Turmoil”, which is to get together with our team mates to discuss a case memo from the required reading called “Teamwork Turmoil”(I have Attached pictures for the reading, and the case memo 3 from from our discussion,but we turn in our memo individually), we have describe the problems, alternatives, recommendations. In that meeting/discussion, there are two people did not show up, in other words, there are lack of motivation of team activity or discussion.
In your writing, You should group things together, focus more on the alternatives, ways to build a high-performance team. It can be from you experience and knowledge from previous team work, we already know our problems and issues for team, so we need to give alternatives and recommendation for improving our team to a high-performance team. You should read the “Third 304-20143 Teamwork” ppt. for the class lecture first, there are a lot of key terms describe in the ppt. that you should use them in the writing to explain how we should improve our team performance.

Scavenger Hunt Activity:
• create a document that includes all of the photo documentation of each task in an organized manner. Include a short statement (1-2 sentences) of the key takeaway your team had from the activity.
Basically in this Scavenger Hunt Activity, we walk around the campus, and look for our assigned construction or people, take pictures with them, we will get deduction for points if any of our teammate dose not in the picture. However, some pictures only have four of our teammates (there are six people in the team).

The following are some key issues with my team:
Lack of communication
Lack of motivation for group discussion/activity
You can add your thoughts and ideas, above are just some key observation from my experience

Please read the powerpoint first and use terms that describe in the “Building Team Performance” and “Five Stages of Group Development” etc.
Don’t need to describe what happened for the attached pictures for “Teamwork Turmoil”,because this is what we discuss on Last Sunday’s Group Meeting and in case memo 3.
This essay should be based on what you have learned about teams and motivation, discuss specific steps your team should take to be a high-performing team that is efficient, effective and even enjoyable. You can also involve the concepts for “USCCT”in the writing.

• U: Uncover the main issues going on in the learning team. What characteristics are missing that would allow the team to perform more efficiently?
• S: Select the main problem or frame the main challenge that the team is facing.
• C: What do you think the team should do to become a high performing team? What should Tony Marshall recommend? What kind of feedback should he provide?
• C: Which of the alternatives would you recommend the team adopt first? Why?
• T: What specific action steps would need to be taken? What would be the specific outcomes for the team and their ability to meet their objectives?

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