Elderly patients have many needs that younger patients do not. Being discharged from the hospital after surgery can present additional issues beyond those associated with physical recovery. In this task, you will assume the role of a case management nurse who is responsible for determining the most appropriate discharge placement for an elderly patient named Mr. Trosack. The patient is to be discharged from the hospital after undergoing total hip replacement surgery.

Review the “Elder Care Case Study” (attached below) for information on your patient. You will use this information to complete this task.


Write an essay (suggested length of 4 pages) in which you analyze the case study information to complete the following:

A. Assessment of the Situation (suggested length of 2 pages)

1. Identify at least three healthcare issues that you, as the case manager, must address when working with an interdisciplinary team to determine the most appropriate discharge plan for Mr. Trosack.

a. Explain why these are important issues when planning for management of the elderly discharge patient.

2. Identify three to five members to make up an interdisciplinary team to determine the most appropriate discharge placement for Mr. Trosack.

a. Describe the role expected of each person on the team.

3. Analyze the issues from the safety assessment that could affect the determination of discharge placement.

Note: You may include any other safety issues you think might be a problem if this patient returns home upon discharge.

B. Discharge Plan of Care (suggested length of 2 pages)

1. Explain to the family what care Mr. Trosack needs and how he should be discharged based on the interview data and the safety assessment. Your explanation should include the following:

a. Discuss the ability of the family to adequately care for Mr. Trosack if he is discharged home.

b. Discuss how social isolation affects an older adult’s recovery from surgery or illness.

c. Discuss the ways psychological factors play a role in the recovery process.

2. Recommend a discharge placement for Mr. Trosack with supportive documentation.

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