Description/Focus: Critical Literature Review Length: 3000 words Task: To successfully complete this assessment you are required to undertake a critical review of a topic relevant to your specialty practice (peritoneal dialysis (PD) vs Haemodialysis (HD). This critical review will include only primary research articles and/or secondary research articles (Systematic reviews or Meta-analyses). You are required to review three (3) articles. However, you are expected to use other references to support your points within the review. ?You will use a structured approach to: • identify the problem and the question your literature review is addressing (you can use the PICO structure for this); • briefly outline your search strategy; • appraise each article using an appropriate appraisal tool • synthesise the evidence including strengths and limitations; and • reach a conclusion in relation to application of the evidence to ?your health profession. Preparation: NA Presentation: Essay format and use of the American Psychological Association (APA) 6thedition referencing Assessment criteria: There are both general

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