letter to the editor, responding to the “When educators become censors, students are marginalized.”
Letters to the editor(250-400 words), are a traditional way for newspapers to provide the community with a public forum on a wide variety of issues. Many letters to the editor respond to topics that appear in the paper. For this assignment you will be responding to the “When educators become censors, students are marginalized.”
In 250-400 words you want to accomplish the following:
Clearly state your purpose in the beginning
Reference the piece you are responding to and provide enough details so someone who hadn’t read the editorial would know what you are talking about
Support your opinion with evidence from what you’ve learned about student rights (mention relevant cases and explain how they apply to the editorial you are responding to).
Establish your credibility ( high school student)
Have a strong last paragraph that states solutions or what you want to happen
Follow proper format of a letter including salutation (Dear Editor), concise, focused paragraphs, a closing. http://www.wikihow.com/Write-Letters-to-the-Editor
Writing is clear, focused and concise (250-400 words) ____/6
Demonstrates knowledge of student rights cases and law ____/10
References editorial that letter is responding to and briefly
summarizes the argument made ____/3
Position is made clear ____/3
Follows proper formatting; is free from errors ____/3
TOTAL: _____/25


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