Find a peer-reviewed article on Radiation Oncology/Therapy. In can be on any article you find on this topic. In a word document write a 1-page summary of what the article was about, the hypothesis, and the outcome. It must be a page long following APA format with the name, authors, date, etc (work cited) on a separate page.



A study was done to evaluate the patient satisfaction for teleradiology services done in general practice. In the Dutch island of Ameland, patient satisfaction was evaluated on x-rays and teleradiology services in primary care. Many advantages to using teleradiology include cost reduction, the reduction of missed fractures, and travel time to the hospital from the general practitioner’s office. Not much literature is found on teleradiology in primary care. However, a study done in Otta, Norway found that 90% of patients were satisfied with obtaining x-rays and results via teleradiology in the office as opposed to traveling a long distance to the closest hospital. There are many factors that go into patient satisfaction in a family practice. Doctor-patient relationship and sociodemographic factors are key factors in determining a satisfied a patient is.


A cross-sectional survey was done to determine patient satisfaction with teleradiology services between June 1, 2007 and……………………. Order For a Simiral unque paper

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