Question 1) select an article in the newspaper on a current event and try to evaluate the information relative to its accuracy, verifiability, completeness, timeliness, relevance and accessibility. (Include the article with your answer) (8 marks)
(B) an electronic engineering company manufacturers a range of components that are sold in large numbers direct to manufacturers and wholesalers sell them to retail outlet.

The components are manufactured from raw materials and sub – components purchased from and delivered by various suppliers.

The company has four factories, each consisting of a number of workshops in which the components are made.

The company’s computerized management information system help with running of the company. The management have also access to decision support and executive information systems.

Name and explain the type of information that the company’s MIS ( management information system) can provide to help the supervisors on the factory floor, the manager of each factory and the executives of the company. (12 marks)

Over all 300 words approximately.

Question 2
A) consider a business you could start or run at home. What type of business is it? What type(s) of computers(s) do you think you’ll need? Describe the computer system in as much detail as possible, including hardware components and software programs. (12 marks)

B) name and briefly explain for emerging technologies that can support/enhance your business under section (a) above. (Em


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