State Reporting Requirements for Hospitals Hospitals must report certain types of information to their state department of health and other state agencies. The specific requirements differ from state to state, and can change over time as well. What remains constant, however, is the need for efficient and accurate methods for meeting these reporting requirements. To prepare for this Discussion research the statutory requirements for hospital reporting in your state, or another state of interest to you. The National Academy for State Health Policy report in this weeks Learning Resources will provide a good start to your research, but you should do further exploration to fill out your understanding of the state reporting requirements by hospitals in your selected state. With these requirements in mind, consider the following: What data are needed to fulfill these reporting requirements? Select a particular type of hospital, such as a small community hospital or a large urban facility within a multi-state hospital system, and identify challenges this institution might encounter in complying with these requirements. Review the health information systems you have learned about so far in this course, and do further exploration, as needed, to identify systems that would help in capturing, processing, and providing the data required for those reports. Post by Day 4 a response to the following: Summarize the states reporting requirements for hospitals. Analyze challenges that these requirements might pose to your selected type of hospital. Propose which hospital IT systems might be used to produce the data necessary for these reports. If multiple systems could be used, select which one you think is best and state why. Briefly, describe at least one way in which these reporting requirements contribute to the publics health, and one way in which this reporting benefits the organization providing the data.
Enhancing Product Lines Health Essay

Enhancing Product Lines Paper details Introduction and Alignment This assignment puts you in the position of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) by considering the functionality of each product item on a companys product line. Being a CMO involves making many high-level decisions. You will incorporate the concepts you have been studying through application. Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to: Describe considerations for each step of the pricing process. Explain product development strategies. Resources Textbook: MM4 (isbn 1-133-37240-6) Background Information Most companies offer more than just one product. Often, they are the same product with different features, packaging, and pricing. For example, Coca Cola has its regular cola soda, but also Diet Coke, Diet and Caffeine Free Coke, Coke Zero, and Cherry Coke. These product lines expand a companys customer base. However, marketers should clearly understand the market segmentation, target customer, and competitive positioning before creating a new product or a new product line. Instructions Review Chapters 8 and 9 in MM4. Research a company that offers a product line with a wide range of options. For example, a cereal maker that offers one brand for health-conscious adults and another brand for teenagers, or an automobile company that offers different car classifications such as compact, sedan, luxury, and sports. Pick a product that has at least three different lines. Describe the current product line and then imagine how you would adjust the product line if you were the CMO of that company. Is the current pricing strategy sound? Are there any gaps or redundancies? What changes would you implement to make the product line more productive? Write an email memo (about 250 to 500 words) to the executive team that details your analysis. Your memo should include the following components: Subject title Introduction Body Conclusion
HCS 245 1. Explain why as a nation we have changed Health Essay

HCS 245 1. Explain why as a nation we have changed our focus on heart disease over the years; including discussion on: Preventative treatment changes (diet, exercise, etc)50 WORDS The future focus on treatment (technology, genetic engineering, etc.)50 WORDS 2. What role and how does culture influence the rate of cardiac disease? How might knowledge of these differences assist in addressing risk factors? Response should be referenced with course materials. 70 WORDS 3. Causes of Hypertension, treatment and prevention? How is this can affect in health care system?70 WORDS 4. What are the effects of smoking in healthcare system? And how can this be prevented?70 WORDS 5. What is the positive effect of smoking ban in newyork?70 WORDS 6. The American Heart Association (AHA) interactive Cardiovascular Library further clarifies this important system and the impact on our health. What are your thoughts?70 WORDS HCS 235 PLEASE USE 100 WORDS ON ANSWERING EACH QUESTION 1. Describe at least three different kinds of hospitals. How are they different from each other? What kinds of populations does each serve? READ ME FIRST 2. Knowledge base in health care is constantly changing and physicians have to constantly update their knowledge through continuing education. Research continuing education opportunities for physicians. Give a brief summary of your findings. CHAPTER 5 3. What are the reasons for there being so many new emerging types of health care workers? What are some services and provider types emerging from these roles? CHAPTER 6 4. What can the United States health care system learn from health care systems in other countries? READ ME FIRST NEW POST NEED 5. If you currently work in health care, what specifically can you do to nurture partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders? NEW POST NEED ON READ ME FIRST 6. What roles, if any, should the federal government have in health care planning? Explain
What negotiation strategies should you use to propose a contract renewal? Health Essay

1-)You are a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) employed as a contact employee in a busy primary care practice for 2 years. The providers in the group include one physician, who is also the owner of the practice, and two other nurse practitioners. The owner of the practice recently made comments about the need to produce more revenue. You relate with his concerns and feel that you have several strategies that could be helpful. Your contract is up for renewal in 3 months. You are highly satisfied with your job and want to stay in the group. You see 20 patients per day on average, and take call every third weekend. Discussion Question: What negotiation strategies should you use to propose a contract renewal? Use logical reasoning and provide evidence based rationales for your decisions. Keep in mind that your negotiation terms and conditions must be within the legal scope of practice for an ANP. 2-)Establishing a salary can be a challenge for NPs. Deducting 40% of the NPs gross generated income for overhead expenses (rent, benefits, continuing education, supplies, malpractice, lab expenses, and depreciation of equipment) leaves $104,280 for the 15-patient-per-day NP and $166,925 for the 24-patient-per-day NP. Further deducting 15% of that figure to pay a physician for consultation services leaves $88,638 in salary for the 15-patient-per-day NP and $141,887 in salary for the 24-patient-per-day NP. Deducting 10% for employer profit leaves $79,775 in salary for the 15-patient-per-day NP and $127,699 for the 24-patient-per-day NP (Buppert, 2011). Discussion Question: What salary would you propose for the contract renewal? Use logical reasoning and provide evidence based rationales for your decisions. Keep in mind that your negotiation terms and conditions must be within the legal scope of practice for an ANP. Do you want your assignment written by the best essay experts? Order now, for an amazing discount.
Stress Management Health Essay

Journal Discussions Each week you are asked to respond to an assigned question in journal format. Your responses should be thoughtful, complete and typed (12 pt. font, double-spaced) not to exceed two pages in length. Week #1: Describe your major personality traits and discuss factors you think may have cont ributed to the development of your current personality. Week #2: Evaluate your current use of perceived coping mechanisms. What ways do you most commonly use and why? Where or how did you learn to use these coping mechanisms to deal with stress? Week #3: What emotions (feelings) do you have the greatest difficulty dealing with and why? Discuss how you most often tend to communicate these emotions. Week #4: Discuss the current state of your spiritual health. How did you arrive at the place you are now? Are you satisfied with this dimension of your life (explain why or why not)? Week #5: Personal relationships are an important part of our lives. Discuss the greatest obstacles you face in developing and maintaining personal relationships in your life. Week #6: Evaluate the mental/emotional health of your family of origin. Discuss how the model(s) for adjustment, communication, and coping you had as a child have positively or negatively impacted you as an adult. Week #7: Time, or a perceived lack of time, is one of the most commonly named sources of stress. What are your strengths as a time manager? What are your greatest weaknesses? Discuss one thing in your life you wish to prioritize and create more time for. Week #8: What would you like to be true in the future that is not true now? Pick a one year time frame and if you had the perfect year then1) What would you want to be different this year? 2) What would you try or learn? 3) What would you end? 4) What would you want to start? Week #9: Your choiceyou pick the topic. chose any topic do you want in week #9 I want to answer all this 9 questions
Please use the attached article (Childhood Obesity. Can it really be Neglect Health Essay
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