Texas drought

paper will be presented in three (3) parts.
First you will present the position on the issue which is diametrically opposed to the one you have presented in your proposal. You will need to research the topic from this point of view in order to understand it. This must not be a backhanded argument against this position. It must be presented objectively, but using empirical evidence and positions from this point of view only.
The second part of the paper should present the issue from the point of view in your proposal. The above requirements apply for this position.
The final part is your conclusion. In this you are free to present your opinion. You should refer to evidence / positions presented in the first sections, explaining logically why you accept or reject those positions. You should use this section to discuss whether or not your position has been altered or affirmed by your critical assessment.
You will want to make use of the information presented in the various links on logic and argument. For instance, logical fallacies in your argument,as defined and explained at these links, will negatively affect your grade. You may contact me with any questions.
Evaluation / Grading: Will be based equally upon the following 4 categories
Critical Thought
Clarity (includes grammar and spelling)
Follows instructions / meets minimum requirements
Your paper should be in an 11 point Arial or Times font, 1 inch margin all around, cover page and citation in accordance with Chicago Style


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