Surfactants and Respiration Order Description Assignment Requirements: Descriptive Title This should be a statement relating to what the assignment is about Introductory Paragraph This should provide background information on what respiratory surfactant is, its chemical structure, and how it affects surface tension of the alveoli. References are required. Results Interpretation This should explain the effect of surfactant on respiration and the effect of intrapleural pressure on respiration. You must refer to Figures 2-7 and Table 1 to guide your explanation using specific data points as evidence for your discussion (copy and paste these figures into your assignment if you wish). References are not required. Questions References are required. 1. What effect does the addition of surfactant have on the airflow? 2. Why does surfactant affect airflow in this manner? 3. What effect did opening the valve have on the left lung?Why does this happen? 4. What emergency medical condition does opening the left valve simulate? 5. In the last part of this activity, the air was drawn out of the intrapleural space which returned the lung to its normal resting condition. What emergency procedure would be used to achieve this result if these were the lungs in a living person? 6. What do you think would happen when the valve is opened if the two lungs were in a single large cavity rather than separate cavities?

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