write a report about the mechanism of Bio-Sand filtration system, from a Civil Engineering standpoint (hydrology ect…)

This is a report about Bio-Sand Filtration, NOT Slow-sand filtration.

Make sure you use Civil, Hydrology references. Do not talk about the Bio mechanism such as Predation, Death and inactivation, ect…. Do not talk about Mechanical mechanisms such as Mechanical trapping, Straining, sedimentation ect…

Please focus on hydrology side such as Hydraulic resistance, Had loss, flow rate, side-wall effect ect…, anything you can think of that is related to civil (hydrology) is fine.

Please use Civil (hydrology) references!!!

Reference is the most important part. Since I have to turn the references in with my report. Please attach all the references in PDF format with the report. If there is no PDF, please provide the on-line link you used.

When you finished, please send me the zip file with the report and all the references you used.

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