Essay 1
Your bachelor uncle has been to the doctor who told him to lose weight. Your uncle writes you an email saying he never thinks about what he eats, and doesn’t know where to start to make changes. He writes a list of what a normal one-day intake would be for him, and asks you what you would suggest to change.
Original List Calories Your Suggested Changes Calories
Breakfast 2 Eggs & 2 strips Bacon 300
1 cup orange juice 110
2 slices toast & margarine 300
Coffee, cream, sugar 30

Lunch 1 Burger King Whopper 710
Large order Fries 500
Large Coke 330

Snack 9 Oreos 300

Dinner 4 oz Fried Chicken 250
1 cup Mashed Potatoes 250
½ cup gravy 100
½ cup Peas 67
1 cup Ice Cream 320
TOTAL 3567

1) Do a quick check according to the Food Guide Pyramid: are there any food groups he needs more servings of? if so, suggest foods to add.

2) Suggest some healthier alternatives to what he has been eating, making sure the new list has a good variety according to the Pyramid.

3) Total the calories in your new list and compare to his former total. Show how much weight he might lose in a month if he follows a pattern like you have suggested.
You may use this calculation: Assume 3500 calories = 1 pound of body weight. Number of calories saved per day X 30 days = calories saved in one month divided by 3500 = number of pounds lost in one month

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